Support the dip

Investors of all kinds – i.e. institutions within the Public Health and Social Welfare systems, associations, foundations, credit institutes, industries, trade companies and others – are asked to financially support the DIP and thus to promote our work.


If you should decide to pay contributions we would like you to do so over a period of several years. As the DIP is a recognized non-profit research institute donation receipts will be available for any kind of financial support.


The Promoters will be regularly informed on recent developments and the results of our studies. In every publication of public interest we will duly praise our financial supporters.


Apart from that, every juristic or natural person can become a member of the DIP and thus support our work in agreement with our principal ideas.


Please contact the director of the institute: Prof. Dr. Frank Weidner

Prof. Dr. phil. Frank Weidner
Institutsdirektor, Vorsitzender des Vorstands
0221 / 4 68 61 - 40
0221 / 4 68 61 - 39