German Institute of Applied Nursing Research

The German Institute of Applied Nursing Research (DIP) was founded in November 1999. Working as a non-profit research institute and cooperating with universities of applied sciences at the same time, it is the first German institute which puts the main emphasis on finding answers to urgent issues and problems in the field of German public health and nursing matters.


It is a scientific institute affiliated to the Katholische Hochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen (the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia) in Cologne. The DIP collaborates with institutes of the Catholic Universities as well as with the German Caritas academies. Professor Johannes Kemser, Munich, is the chairman of the supervisory board. Professor Frank Weidner, PhD, Cologne, is the director. Several associations and universities support the DIP.

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Deutsches Institut für angewandte Pflegeforschung e.V.

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