Goals and Tasks

The DIP is set to plan, carry out, accompany and evaluate practicable research and development projects in the field of nursing and make its results available to the public. It focuses on the investigation of issues and problems in practical nursing and nursing education as well as in nursing management.


Nursing and Health Care Institutions, universities, associations, Public Health and Nursing Care Insurance Companies, politicians, Public Health employees and - last but not least - the patients, their families and relatives will benefit from the DIP’s research and development studies. Furthermore, the DIP will support nursing researchers from the next generation and contribute to a better theory practice transfer.


Main Studies

Clinical nursing research and development,e.g.

  • Verification and development of processes, conceptions and models in nursing practice
  • Definition and development of nursing quality
  • Analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of nursing methods and techniques
  • Assessment and nursing prevention
  • Collecting and processing of nursing data/data bases
  • Interprofessional research
  • Product research, e.g. the application of nursing products etc.


Research and Development in Nursing Education and Management, e.g.

  • Investigation of problems in the nursing education system
  • Development of innovative conceptions and methods of nursing education
  • Research in and development of nursing quality management
  • Development of nursing management concepts


Project cooperation, e.g. with

  • Public Health and Social Welfare institutions and organisations
  • Financing institutions of Public Health, e.g. trade associations, Health and Nursing Care Insurance Companies
  • Ministries and public authorities
  • Associations and foundations
  • the Health and Pharmaceutical Industries etc.